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About HEARTtaker

MIA doesn't quite fit in with the other freshmen at Los Santos High. She doesn’t know the latest bands. Her fluent Spanish has the airs of Elizabethan English. She needs to consume the still-beating hearts of men in order to survive each full moon. And she likes the tacos at Teeny's Taco Shack.

Nobody normal likes the tacos at Teeny's Taco Shack. (Stray cats that wander by tend to disappear.) But Miahuaxiuitl is a resurrected Aztec maiden, brutally sacrificed to the gods in the year 1400 A.D., and there's a lot she doesn't know about normal.

Six hundred years after Aztec priests cut out her heart and scattered her blood, Mia was brought back to life by TLALOC, the Aztec god of rain, and XILONEN, the Aztec goddess of the harvest. Reborn with the ability to move with the rain clouds and strike like lightning, she brought floods, fire and terror to the people of Los Santos – until she realized, almost too late, that those she was told to slay were innocents. Refusing to be a part of the gods’ scheduled return to power, Mia rebelled, deciding that she would be no one's pawn anymore.

Tlaloc and Xilonen, cornered by the girl with a deity's might, granted her freedom with a price, hoping she would learn that those with power are entitled to use it. But like the stubborn teenager she is, Mia instead teamed up with Internet maestro DAN JACKSON (self-proclaimed Man of Action) to balance her protection of the oppressed with the demands of her curse.

For without eating a still-beating human heart every month, she’s doomed to the lifeless limbo in which she lingered for six centuries, her body disintegrating into dust. So Mia travels the world, smacking down those exploiting the helpless – all while struggling to quench her thirst for blood and keep up with her homework.

Mia knows what she isn't – a helpless maiden, a tool of cruel gods, a good speller – but that doesn't mean she knows who she is. However, everyone else at Los Santos High School is wondering the same thing: who they are, what they can do, what they're meant to be.

So maybe Mia fits in better than she thinks.