overthinking the idiot box...

Smrt-TV is a bi-monthly webzine devoted to the analysis and discussion of television as a medium, as a form of entertainment and as a formative element of culture.

If you've ever had to make the choice between food or cable, if you've ever referred to your TiVo as your significant other, if you've ever stayed up until 3 AM debating Joss Whedon's daddy issues, then we need you. We're currently looking for smart, cool and funny couch potatoes -- feature writers and columnists interested in tackling subjects like:

  • Police/Crime Procedurals
  • DVD Box Sets
  • Sitcoms: Still Kicking?
  • British Television: Past, Present, Future
  • Animation, Child-Safe and Otherwise
  • The Prime-Time Soap Scorecard
  • The Ratings Game
  • The Business of Television

Feel free to propose other column topics. We are also looking for a graphics editor and those with copy-editing experience. All work is currently on a spec basis, but, god willing, will lead to Scrooge-MacDuck-like piles of money later on. So get in on the ground floor, email us at smrt.tv@gmail.com, and start justifying your addition now!