Liz is an aspiring human being currently living in the West Hollywood area of Los Angeles. A recent graduate of the University of Southern California, she shares an apartment with Das Roomie, hangs out with an odd assortment of friends, and visits her NoCal-bound family fairly often. This site chronicles her attempts to have a life, make her car payments, and find time to create.

Beyond blogging, Liz contributes to various web publications, including Fray and the comics webzine Savant. She currently writes for Ostrich Ink, home of the craziest LA-focused non-fiction on the net, and Bookslut, reviewing books and writing the Hollywood Madam column on book-to-film adaptations. Other projects include her sixth screenplay, a collection of short stories, and an original comic book.

Liz's web design talents extend beyond this site. For more information, please visit Liz Designs.

There's a peace that comes with writing, with putting the sentences down in a way that pleases the senses. Like the smell of apples. Like mint. Like the word green.

But when it's good? When the words just can't come out fast enough and the story itches to be told? It burns.

Any more questions, please feel free to ask. There's always room in the in-box.