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Thursday, June 06, 2002

Happy thoughts

In the grand tradition of Wil Wheaton - 7 things I'm thankful for:

1. Badly Drawn Boy. I downloaded the About a Boy (which, as everyone knows, is just a fantastic movie) soundtrack, and it's just perfect for me. Slow and yet not energy-sucking, full of hope and peace and understanding. It gives me peace of mind.

2. Free movie tonight. That's always cool.

3. Whole Foods Market. Every time I shop there, I feel like I'm doing something good for myself and others. I got a canvas bag that holds a lot of groceries very comfortably, and it's a quick two block walk to get all sorts of yummy veggies and fruits. Plus, the 365 brand food is really good and very cheap. I had this divine macaroni and white cheddar cheese yesterday - from a package, but didn't taste like it at all.

4. I saw Bedazzled on cable last night. Didn't suck.

5. I got my marked-up screenplay back from my writing professor today. I'm very fearful of it, as I hate his notes with the blinding passion of a thousand suns - but it's nice that he cared enough to do it. And when he called on Sunday to confirm my address, we chatted for a second about the Kings/Lakers game that was on, and I explained how I always root for the underdog.

"I don't see you being an underdog in the future, Liz." And other encouraging words. Which was nice.

6. I picked up an application for my friendly neighborhood Starbucks yesterday, just on a whim, and the manager was ridiculously sweet. I'd love to work for her. Not that she'll hire me, but the point remains that it was a cool bit of human contact.

7. Saw the first two episodes of Gargoyles last night on Toon Disney cable. Man, that show rules. I'm gonna tape tonight's episodes, as they promise to be full of the Goliath/Elisa goodness.

8. There's probably at least two people in my life who know what item 7 means - at least for me, on a personal level. My parents rule.

9. Last night, AS and SJ wanted to do something, and in a depressed haze, I agreed to come along. So we got in AS's car and started driving south. After about an hour, we realized we were halfway to San Diego. So we just kept going.

At around 4:30 AM, I stood on a beach in Coronado, letting the waves lick at my bare feet. Then we found the only all-night grill on that tiny little island, and I watched AS and SJ eat french toast before we drove back to LA.

I fell asleep on the way back, and so the whole experience feels strange and surreal. I'm not even entirely sure it happened. But my jeans smell like the sea. And that can be a nice smell.

So, this ended up being nine things. But I'm not complaining.

I'm gonna make dinner before going to the movie. Corn on the cob funness. *g*

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