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Saturday, June 15, 2002

Lots of family time today, and it was good.

My aunt and uncle live in the valley, and they're awesome, and they have a nice house and two teenage kids who know how to keep the wisecracks coming. My cousin Amy (visiting from Florida) is staying with them for a while, so today me and my unemployed ass drove up to the valley, picked up Amy (who was hanging out alone in the house) and we drove to Hollywood. Spent too much money on parking and walked up and down the boulevard. Amy took pictures, I fended off the Scientologists, and we got to visit the Celebrity Lingerie Museum (located in the back of , which is bar none my favorite tourist attraction in LA.

And then it was back to the valley for us, and everyone came home and we went out for chinese food, and then we played Trivial Pursuit. And it was good, you know? Silly and wholesome and lots of fun. I've known these people my entire life. They're a constant, and they're a good one.

That's something I've been dealing with - the lack of family. My parents are just an email away, sure, and I have some good friends here - but my relationship with my friends isn't exactly the most nurturing. When I went to Arizona a few weeks ago, it was fantastic to spend some time with people who I knew genuinely wanted to spend time - who really liked me. When it feels like no one likes you enough to throw a trivial part-time job your way, it's sometimes good to be reminded of the people who do care.

My grandma is coming to LA on Tuesday, so I'll get to spend some time with her, too, before going up north for my housesitting adventure.

Ah, grandma love. There is NOTHING like it.

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