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Saturday, June 29, 2002

Something pretty cool

I forgot to mention this earlier in the haze of the Farscape geeking, but this comic book thing I've been mentioning?

Well, my part is going... all right [she said with shifty eyes]. I'm currently trying to Make the Story Work, which involves cutting out huge chunks of the original screenplay story (which was far too long, anyways) and then make what's left into some sort of sense. This goes vaguely well, but I haven't reached a breakthrough yet and it still feels too long.

However, BQ, who's doing the art for this puppy (aka - all the hard stuff) sent me a character sketch of my protagonist on Thursday. And it was a beautiful moment, getting the download, seeing this young girl, who'd always been a bit cramped inside my head, take full form on the page.

She looked great, in other words. Almost totally perfect - the sort of "dreams come alive" moment I'd always imagined I could find in film, partnered with the right minds.

Film is so full of compromises, though - nothing ever turns out exactly like you want it to, no matter how much control you have. And I'm sure I'll learn that comics are much the same... But there's something so solid about this pencil sketch of my friend Mag, who'll most likely never see the light of celluloid.

Whenever this outline makes me want to bash my brains in, I'm going to remember that. This might be Mag's only escape into reality. And she deserves that chance.

Today is my last day of housesitting, it's worth mentioning. Connie comes back tonight, and then I'm Los Angeles-bound tomorrow, complete with a tagalong cousin riding shotgun.

I suddenly wish that I actually HAD a shotgun. Not for any security reason. Just 'cause it's cool.

Time to walk the dog, watch more Farscape, possibly see Wen in Berkeley (need to call her), and then start cleaning up Connie's place. Because it's the nice thing to do.

(And while I do it, I can watch Farscape.)

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