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Thursday, July 04, 2002

I'm writing this in a little cafe only a few blocks from my apartment, because I'm avoiding my outline with every procrastinating bone in my body. I made some decent progress just now, actually, but then I went and changed the slogan of the header image (if you haven't heard Louise Goffin's "Sometimes a Circle", you're missing out) and now I'm writing this.

I'm going to write a bunch of different blog entries now - there's a lot I've wanted to say recently, and so it makes sense to just start collecting them all together. Maybe I'll post one or two a day, if I get a bunch written today. I'm at this cafe to write - and this certainly counts.

Some daily goals and minor accomplishments

So, my LJ buddy Spacefem is in a situation vaguely similar to my own - unemployed and depressed about it. Some people gave her some excellent goals to help with the depression and unemployment - I've adapted them for my own purposes.

Here are my things to strive for:
•Get out of bed before 11 AM every day.
•Get dressed before 1 PM.
•Run through a yoga routine once a day, either in the morning or at night. Try and master the standing positions from my book by the end of the week, as well as gain the endurance for five repetitions of Salute to the Sun (B).
•Leave the house for at least two hours every day.
•Check job websites and try to apply for two jobs every day, no matter how silly.
•Goddamn it, write SOMETHING. I've got like twelve different things going on. I'm sure to find something I'm inspired by.
•Limit TV watching to roughly two hours a day. And PLAN those two hours, instead of flicking the TV on in a moment of boredom.

That last one I've been holding to religiously for the past two days - Monday, I watched Buffy's "Surprise" and "Innocence" on FX, yesterday it was "Phases" and American Idol.

My goals for yesterday didn't go so well - I managed about half, due to a dusty old short story I ended up finishing. It was strange, actually - I had my laptop on my lap, the document open, and I just kept on adding to it until, a few hours later, I'd reached something resembling an ending. The story itself is pretty frelled in terms of theme and character and, well, EVERYTHING, but I finished it, at least. A bit of satisfaction.

I also chose new styles and colors for my LJ pages yesterday. I didn't want to rejoin as a paid user, but I did want to make it look nicer. Now, a lot of the personal touches I added are gone, but it holds together better. And the Displaced style is pretty cool, I think.

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