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Thursday, July 25, 2002

Not a new story, but still one that depresses me a little. Especially the quote.

Hey, but in happy news! Today, my essay appears in Savant. The comments I got from qowf were such a help; I think it holds up pretty well. I have a bio and everything with them now. Which is cool.

And this afternoon, I'm going to do laps at the USC pool! Swimming! Man, it's been a while. This is all part of my active campaign to fit into a pair of jeans I once could wear comfortably - I am not happy that they don't fit any more. So I alternate between pathetic jogging and pathetic yoga every day, and do sit-ups, and try not to pig out. It may end up being slow-going, and I'm not even particularly fond of these jeans, but it's at least a goal.

So I'll be posting every day on my jeans status, because that will at least help me keep track. And I won't let myself off the hook.

Jeans status recap: Well, Monday I could just barely get them over my hips. Tuesday, the top button was buttoned. (They're button-fly, making this adventure a true challenge.) Yesterday, the top button remained buttoned, but sitting down was painful. I haven't tried them on today. After yoga, though.

I'm not fat, I'm just a little over my target weight right now. And I might as well fit into the clothes I got, since I can't really afford to go out and buy a whole new wardrobe right now.

Wouldn't that be cool, though? People always talk about buying a new wardrobe - but do they ever do it?

I'm so schizophrenic in terms of fashion (or, put it another way, I'm very whim-driven) that I don't think I could do it in one go. But it's still an interesting thought.

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