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Wednesday, July 24, 2002


From the Bad Signal mailing list of Warren Ellis:

My daughter Lili, six years old, has a new favourite comic. For the last several days she's been found curled up with THE LEAGUE OF EXTRAORDINARY GENTLEMEN. I told her it has some nasty bits in it that she might not like, and it has some difficult language in it, but that I'd be right here to talk about it with her. I explained the concept; all the characters are from old books or films, and the idea is that what if they all were real, and teamed up together to fight the bad guys. Told her where the characters were from, why Miss Murray wears a scarf. Had a moment where she thought Dracula was a vampire duck -- her only experience of the idea is the British cartoon Count Duckula.

A day later, I find her painstakingly writing out the character's names.

Two days later: "Look at this, Daddy! This is gross!" Captain Nemo has killed two people with a massive harpoon gun. "It's gone right through their guts, Daddy!" Utter grossed-out glee.

"Miss Murray is very clever. I like her."

I'm calling Alan later. I think it's been a while since he had a six-year-old fan.

Her current favourite TV shows are The Simpsons, The Proud Family and The Powerpuff Girls.

Last night, I was playing the William Orbit version of Fur Elise.

Lili comes into the office. "That sounds like Fur Elise, Daddy."

She has been caught dancing to The Drummers Of Burundi.

My daughter is a freak of nature.

Earth beware.

I would die for the opportunity to babysit this girl. I only wish that my six-year-old self had been as cool.

Instead, I threw a temper tantrum when my parents made me take swimming lessons, because they interfered with me watching She-Ra every afternoon.

I didn't learn freestyle until I was twelve. *g*

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