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Monday, July 15, 2002

Something new

So I'm sure everyone's aware by now that my comments feature doesn't have an email notification system. This annoys me a good deal, but I'm really too lazy to find a new service as (otherwise) good as this one. Yet I don't expect everyone to obsessively check my website for replies (that's my job *g*) - and since I greatly appreciate everyone stopping by and I LOVE reading your replies, I'm going to try to do blog entries devoted to replying back.

So, here's how we'll do it...

Earring people: Interesting! Many people with many piercings. The reason I asked is that I'm considering getting a second set of holes - I only have one per lobe - in an attempt to be cool. But I'm still deliberating on this. My fear of pain is problematical (Maren, no cartiledge piercings for me at this point *g*). There will be more about this later, I think.

Robbie had the best point, which was to only do it to show off cool earrings. I've been looking for cool earrings to show off, though, and maybe I'm just cheap, but I'm not very interested in what's there and certainly don't feel inspired to spend money on them. Am I going to the wrong places? LA people - you decide!

Work people: Thanks for the congrats, even if Alison's were halfhearted. *g* I think I've explained more about this job since, but in case I haven't: two days a week, 6 and 8 hours a day, with pay that well exceeds minimum wage. This is a welcome change from my summer job last year (four days a week, 10 hours a day, paying LESS than minimum wage).

Oh, and Wraithy - pleasetameecha! Unless we've met before... I can remember the titles and plot summaries of a hundred XF episodes, but names slip through my brain like swiss cheese. ::sigh:: Apologies or lack thereof if necessary.

Ozy: I do actually own a blow-drier. But I could use more than one. I just don't like to blow-dry my hair if I can avoid it - split ends are not our friends. So far, it's worth pointing out, I haven't noticed any bodies. Though it does smell kinda funny...

Alison: I'm with you on the regular-work-is-just-not-gonna-work-for-me. It's a really good thing that we're at film school - otherwise, we'd be English and Classics majors and would have to get dumb and stupid jobs where you don't get to do anything fun.

Of course, the definition of "fun" may end up being "More coffee, Mr. Sommers?" But it beats stuffing envelopes. And don't you have Sci-Fi in Boston? You could so be watching Farscape.

cofax: Could you email me the info about Wormhole? I know nothing, you see. *g*

Whitney: Dude, we totally should talk, and my cell phone's all charged up. Drop me a line and tell me what's up with you.

And there are others I'm missing, but I have to do some check processing. Or I have to write a blog entry recapping the books I've been reading. One of the two. *g*

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