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Wednesday, July 24, 2002

This is one of the reasons why I sometimes have a problem with organized religion. I know many deeply religious people of different beliefs, and I honor and respect their chosen faith. But I cannot stand people who don't do the same.

(Link comes from our friendly neighborhood bookslut ::waves::)

Today, I have decided to embrace and celebrate my waning freedom by not taking off my pajamas until 3 PM. I had an interview yesterday, and it went pretty well, I thought, but if I end up getting the position my loafing time will dramatically decrease. So this morning, I stayed in bed reading until I'd finished the book, and now I'm gleefully surfing.

I went to the library yesterday, so now I have six books and two DVDs - The Evill Dead (which I only saw once, in pieces, my sophomore year in high school), and Into the Arms of Strangers (Oscar-winning documentary about the Holocaust - yes, you in the back, I heard you say "which one?"). Strangers I got for two reasons - I heard it was really good, and I also heard that next semester, I'll be taking a class taught by the director (and not a big lecture class, either - he'll actually have to learn my name!). So, unless he drops out (not an unlikely prospect - the writing department has a habit of losing professors at the last minute), it should be pretty cool.

I finished Helen Fielding's Cause Celeb this morning, and it was interesting... Bridget Jones, of course, changed my life a couple of years ago, but I was afraid that Celeb wouldn't hold up against it. However, the book turned out to be a very different animal than Bridget - taking place partially in the world of high class London, but gaining its heart, soul, and etcetera in the dry sandy desert of impoverished Africa.

It was a light fluffy read that, at the same time, made me want to do something. I think it did a decent job of dramatizing the situation in relief camps, especially the people involved. Jarringly, though, the celebrities fictionalized were heinously over the top. Which means that they're probably more true to life than we can imagine *g*, but was probably the most awkward, predictable part of the book.

Now, I have a rather strange assortment of books to choose from - Shopgirl, The Mists of Avalon (felt like giving it a try), Lady Oracle... Plus, all the stuff I haven't been reading that's languishing in the to-be-read pile. Maybe I'll make a push on From Hell. That's always fun.

Ah, pajama days. I'm going to miss them.

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