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Monday, July 08, 2002

What to say, what to say...

There are low-key weekends and then there are low-KEY weekends. This was the latter.

On Friday, I drove to OC and hung out with TZ, a buddy from 'SC who's going to Australia TODAY for a semester abroad. I tried to set up a blog for him - we ran into technical difficulties, though. Hopefully, he's tried again and made it work for him... Though that's not clear.

Saturday, I got sucked into the Daria marathon on Noggin, this cable channel that bought up two billion 3-2-1 Contact episodes along with other children's programming... But has now renamed itself "The N" and begun HARD-CORE pushing themselves upon the pre-teen market. They have no advertisers, so they run Flash animation bits, The Adventures of Pete and Pete (!), and commercials for Degrassi Jr. High:

"What do you want to do tonight?"
"I dunno. Get a pizza. Watch
Degrassi Jr. High."
"You got a weird thing for Canadian melodrama."
"I got a weird thing for chicks who say aboot."

--Chasing Amy

So I watched Daria and painted my nails and regressed into the bitchy pre-teen I remember so fondly. And then I went to bed.

Yesterday, actual things happened, though. Roomie and I were sitting around, wondering what to do, and I mentioned that we both wanted to see Dangerous Lives of Altar Boys, which was playing at my favorite little indie theater in Los Feliz. We couldn't figure out if it would be cheaper than going to the theater two blocks away, though, so I pulled out the Big Box of Ticket Stubs and dug around for the souvenirs from the Sunday afternoon Billy Elliot/You Can Count On Me double-feature I did once. Pulled out those golden tickets to discover that the matinees (even on Sundays!) cost **$4.50**. We were out the door for the 5:30 screening in five minutes flat, picking up AS on the way.

Movie was interesting (write-up coming) and afterwards, we got food and hung out for an absurd amount of time at AS's apartment, mainly playing with his satellite dish and listening to music. Watched L.A. Story too. DAMN, I'd forgotten how good that movie is. See it again, if you haven't in a while. Perhaps with someone you love? I hear it's better that way.

Update on homeless guy: Cops came yesterday (not on my call), though all of his stuff is still here and he'll surely be wanting it back. Apparently, roomie spoke to him, thereby illuminating his backstory some more - he claims to be an actor who knows some of the people in the apartment downstairs. He wanted to sleep on our couch. SJ did not permit it.

So, I need to do some job hustling and get some breakfast now, but I can entertain you by saying that there was MAJOR review catch-up done on the review page, and so you should check it out.

And that's all that's fit to print.

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