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Friday, August 30, 2002


So, the first week of school has ended (no Friday classes! yessss....), and I've survived pretty well. Some updates:

-This morning, I went to bed at 1:30 and slept fitfully until 9:30. Given that for the past week, my body has been waking me up at ungodly hours and then NOT LETTING ME GET BACK TO SLEEP, this was positively refreshing. Roomie thinks that my big giant spider dreams of late (which have woken me up on one occasion, at least) have been about anxiety. I think they're about big giant spiders. Which are freakin' SCARY.

(We're talking six feet or more when we talk about big giant spiders. With the pincers and the EIGHT EYES. I couldn't watch advertising or trailers for Eight-Legged Freaks, I'm so disturbed by them - even the posters threw me off. And as I understand it, The Two Towers isn't going to be a lot of fun for me at parts. Or Harry Potter, for that matter.)

-I'm wearing my Area2 shirt and cool jeans because I have to go to a guitar store today, and hence need to look cool. I've been putting more effort into the way I dress recently. Yesterday, I was skater-punk-y. Bandana and braids and my beat-up Sketchers.

And then we had to get our pictures taken for Entertainment Industry Seminar. Yeah, I planned that well.

-This is the coolest thing I have learned all week - my professor's theory about why TV has a more immediate, intense impact on our lives is, partly, because while films evolved as an art form from the theater and vaudeville, TV is a stepchild of radio, which is in turn a direct descendent of newspapers.

So, because of this lineage, we instinctively trust TV, because we assume it to be true and relevant and REAL. Even when Buffy slays the vampires.

There are exceptions and levels of wrongness and certainly we're not all going to agree. But it's still a cool idea. And for me, at least, it makes a certain amount of sense.

It's also intimate and the screens are smaller and we watch it in our living rooms and bedrooms. Intimate. That's a great word for what TV is.

-I have thoughts on other things. But right now, this is what my brain can manage. Describing the past. And, the future!

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