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Wednesday, August 21, 2002

A dark day for American Idol, and I am not Possessed

Ummm, WHAT????

The American people are stupid. Poor Tamyra. God save the Queen.

In other news, I saw Possession today and wasn't overwhelmed - there are some moments I found horribly clicheed, and Paltrow was very flat and dull at times, and there really should have been more of the crazy Victorian love.

But GOD - England! Round green hills and street signs of vivid blue and yellow; gray rainy streets with zigzag traffic lines keeping everything in order; old huge buildings that reek of times before; museums and old papers and telephones that sound funny. I still love it, still yearn for it at times, my gray gloomy England. I like LA, but the weather lacks character.

Speaking of character, umm, Aaron Eckhart, yes please. But mainly because of the Peter Krause vibes (who, in turn, has a bit of that Ben Browder twinkle). I actually think Peter Krause could have pulled off the role with a bit more subtlety. But Aaron Eckhart did just fine, though I'm never sure what to think about him. This is the first time I've actually been charmed by him, and it's disconcerting, because I'm not sure I actually LIKE him, either as an actor or a person (hard to get through In the Company of Men and feel any different). He was great in Erin Brockovich, and I may end up seeing The Core for no good reason. But I'm still not sure. And Peter Krause may be cuter. And I'm the shallowest human being to walk the Earth, in case you wondered.

Also, I'm still hung up on WHITED OUT FOR SPOILER REASONS the hair thing. He lets her hair down and goes "Why Dr. Bailey, you're beautiful!" and I nearly retch into the seat in front of me. I haven't been assaulted by anything that non-subtle in a long, long time. And I can usually forgive these things!

It was the cliche in combination with the falling anvil, I think. Made the impact all the worse.

And now, to write the things that need writing. Or: to watch The Daily Show, which needs watching. Either/or. *g*

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