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Tuesday, August 20, 2002

Niblets of News

-I am borrowing my father's guitar for the next semester (and it's weird, because I can say the word guitar normally, but when I write it out I have the inexplicable urge to scream out "GEE-TAR!" like the little redneck I coulda been), for I am taking a beginning guitar class. And on Sunday, I was bored, so I started surfing online for beginning guitar tips, and ended up hunched over the laptop with Big Poppa (that seems like a good name for a GEE-TAR, though I'm still deliberating). Since then, I've been playing just a little bit each day, until my index finger gets sore, and I can currently manage a very bad single-string rendition of "Mary Had a Little Lamb."

My common-law uncle G. said something profound when I was in Sacramento - a guitar can be your friend for life. I've only been at it for a few days, so I can't say for sure - but I do know that I get a lot of peace from it. It's new and interesting and a challenge and I'll probably never be a rock star. But it's fun trying.

-Except for the GEE-TAR fiddling, I've been very low-energy these past few days, which is hellaciously annoying. It seems, though, that I may be coming down with something, as I'm feeling a bit woozy and blechh - hopefully, a gallon of orange juice and sleep will kill this cold dead before VEGAS, BABY, VEGAS.

-My trip to Vegas is pretty much confirmed - we (roommate, other friend, and any other people who tag along) will be driving up on Friday and coming back Sunday, leaving us three days and two nights of delight and debauchery. I plan on spending a dollar in quarters on the slots, visiting the Star Trek Experience (WHEEE!), and ordering one of those big drinks with dry ice in Quark's Bar. Wackiness will ensue.

-And then, heaven help us - we all go back to school next week. My first day is Tuesday, and I'm looking forward to it. This, I expect, will last for about 12.2 seconds once the first class actually begins, but it beats dreading it.

-This week, I am cutting superheroes out of comic books and making a collage out of them. This is unbelievably fun.

-It is cool and cloudy in LA, and I am glad about that.

-I owe everybody on the planet email, and I am sad about that.

I'm feeling tired, but I have to leave the house soon and deal with campus payment plan people. And then watch American Idol.

Who else is watching that, if I may ask?

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