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Saturday, September 07, 2002

Ah, Saturday. It's a nice day of the week.

To paint the appropriate picture - my bed is unmade, and some lovely sunshine is trickling in through my blinds. In the apartment next door, an old woman gives piano lessons, students playing the same trickling songs over and over again. Occasionally, you can hear her la-di-da along with the music. I'm wearing a pair of sweatpants I've had since the 8th grade (the blue ones from Alaska, Mom, that we had to buy when I stepped out of the kayak a bit too soon *g*). And I keep thinking about the various things I want to do today - finish a book or two, get some writing-for-class done, figure out why my fingers don't want to play a D chord, listen to my new Nina Simone CD (mucho thanks, Cazaling mon ami! - presents forthcoming!) while writing not-for-class stuff, and watch Blade II. "Pure action, bloody well done!" says Roger Ebert, and god, do I love mutant ninja vampires on a cool Saturday evening.

On my desk is the water bottle I got at the Getty (the label is quite pretty) and a half-written letter to the Sci-Fi channel - I started it by hand last night, before I remembered that it was quite late and Mr. Bed could use some company. Learning about television show cancellation that late at night makes it all seem very unreal, and I'm pretty sad about it - especially the part where they haven't finished telling their story, and they've shot all they're going to shoot. Possibly ever. Chainsaws to Moya. It's horrible.

I'm not going to regret getting into this show, though. It was a summer fling, for me - hot and heavy for that week in Oakland, and then dependable, steady, sweet until August and the return of the real world. 411 aired the Friday before class started. I thought that was appropriate. A nice capper to a strange summer.

And I'll see it again in January, and who knows if it'll be the same, and before I know it it'll all be over. And it's sad, sure. But I'm grateful for "A Human Reaction" and "Revenging Angel" and "The Choice" and John and Aeryn and the gang. And I'm glad that we had this time together.

That's the part I'll leave out of my letter to Sci Fi. But I will mention that I never watched them before Farscape, because I really had no reason. And now that Farscape is off, so am I.

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