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Wednesday, September 04, 2002

So. Wow. School. Again.

I am very tired.

Everyone have a good Labor Day? Mine was spent sulking in the heat until the weather cooled off that night, which was also when das roomie and I went to see a nice air-conditioned movie (Simone, which I'm still processing). We are very smart, das roomie and I.

Really, this LA heat is out of control. This entire weekend was spent in a state of paralysis, fleeing from one air conditioner to the next. Sunday, I got up and did things, but you'd better believe they were, for the most part, air-conditioned and indoors. Well, except for the Getty. But it was pretty cool on a non-temperature level, even though (I realized later) my near-miss heat stroke made it hard for me to really enjoy the old French stuff.

Sunday was actually pretty cool, as I was picked up by a friend and spent the day cruising around Los Angeles, bumping around from Malibu to Chinatown to Manhattan Beach to downtown to return to West Hollywood. I wasn't driving and the car's A/C was very powerful. Ah, a/c. Why do I love your ozone-depleting self so?

As of 8:30 AM Tuesday, btw, everything on my weekend checklist was done. INCLUDING email. Everyone lean back and appreciate this. It's a rare occurence.

I just checked the weather for tomorrow, because I was lead to believe that it would be cool and rainy tomorrow. However, instead I find out that they're ballparking in the 90s, with "haze." Haze is my least favorite weather, as it turns out. That, and heat waves. I miss the rain in LA.

You can tell when I'm tired when I start to ramble. I think I've gone way beyond "starting" at this point.

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