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Wednesday, October 02, 2002

My dear Dillweed has a journal now. This is reason enough for me to post in mine. *g*


Hours slept Sunday night: 3
Hours slept Monday night: 7
Hours slept Tuesday night: 10

At least it's starting to average out. Last night was scary, though - early to bed and then I still couldn't get up in the morning. I guess I'm making up for Sunday, when I had an assignment due that couldn't be put off any longer. Roomie and I both had big things to work on, so we ended up doing a collaborative thing - I told her what questions to ask for her interview the next day, and she helped me write an outline for my screenplay. It was a vaguely successful night. Just not a sleep-filled one.


This is a shout-out to my dear buddy Nicky, who will understand that soon, soon there will be delightful email for her. Soon. But sadly, not now.


This marks my first month as a writer for Bookslut - I'm writing a column about book-to-movie adaptations, plus reviewing - so far, the column's called Adaptation Slut, which kinda is horrible. So if you can think of anything better and you email Jessa and tell her, then you could win a gift certificate. So get to it, smart people!

I'm still deliberating the topic for next month, and it's gotten more complicated by the fact that during my downtime on campus, I've been watching the A&E Pride & Prejudice, adored by Bridget Jones and, if the plot of BJD is anything to gage by, Helen Fielding itself. Never realized how much BJD borrows from Austen - it almost puts Clueless to shame.

An adaptation of an adaptation of an adaptation? My head hurts. Maybe I'll just do Harry Potter instead.


We're covering relativity in my science class, and for some reason I understand it pretty well. Maybe it's the result of a lifetime of Star Trek watching. Who knew?

Speaking of Star Trek, your interesting fun fact for today: Gates McFadden was a Muppeteer for Jim Henson in the early years of her career, as well as doing choreography for Labrynth and The Dark Crystal -- explaining many things, including the Tinest Cameo Ever in The Muppets Take Manhattan. This means that not only was she a regular on a high-rated syndicated show, a professional dancer, and one of the few women on Star Trek to smooch Picard -- but she also got to play with MUPPETS.

That's a life I wouldn't mind having.


Time for me to lay down and read about relativity some more. Maybe I'll find out that I don't understand it, after all. Given the level my brain is working on today, this would not surprise me.

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