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Thursday, November 21, 2002

So, it's been quiet here, and there are school related reasons and me related reasons. For my moods are almost embarrassingly cyclidical - I don't like to write during my low periods, mostly because I don't want to do ANYTHING during my low periods but watch TV and forget who I am. So I do, and you don't get the full picture. Not necessarily a bad thing, but still.

The bad days are usually triggered by something small - the way my thighs look when I sit down, perhaps, or rereading something I wrote and having no clue how to improve it. This time, it was, in part, an honest conversation with an old professor about a sample script I wrote last semester. In between his encouraging words, he was pretty clear about how it wasn't really good enough for submitting anywhere - and I knew this, deep down, knew that there was a lot more writing to be done. So I took the crit like a pro, said goodbye, and sat down. Turned the TV on and my brain off. Tried to regain the energy I needed to face the deadlines.

It was a wake-up call, I guess, about how difficult this process is going to be. I'm good, and I know that - but I need to keep working hard if I have any intention of doing well. I'm not the next Aaron Sorkin yet, and I haven't written that great script that will guarantee me representation, work, and a really nice wardrobe.

I have at least two original script ideas that I need to start developing. Not to mention a half-done screenplay that needs to be all done, and some classes I should avoid failing. There's so much to do.

Well, say one thing for the low periods - I always come out of them well-rested.

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