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Saturday, November 09, 2002

So last night, I slept for eleven hours. ELEVEN HOURS. It was the best thing in the world, waking up at 8 AM and knowing that not only was I not late for anything, but I could KEEP ON SLEEPING. And so I did.

It's been a long week. Yesterday especially was strange - there was a scholarship meeting I wanted to go to in the afternoon, so I had to go into work around 9:30, then after four hours of computer crazies, I hustled across campus to watch Red Dragon (the scholarship is for the accurate depiction of science in film, and so for the annual info meeting, they screen a movie involving a certain theme - this year, the theme was forensic science -- whee!). Red Dragon was, pardon my French, shitastic, but the discussion that followed was really good - they brought in three forensic scientists and I took PAGES of notes about their lives, the way they do their work, the difficulties and challenges and horrors...

It was great to gain all that perspective, and to have one of my major suspicions about CSI's realism confirmed - yeah, forensic scientists don't interview the suspects in cases, or really investigate anything but the evidence. There was free food afterwards, too. I had a better time than I've had on most dates. *g*

Then I met up with Alison and we went to see 8 Mile, which was much better than Red Dragon. Review pending - it's on the list. Then, home, 1000 words on the novel, and to bed for eleven hours of sleep.

It'd been a long week of running around and getting things done. But today, I'm wearing my headphones, the rain falls outside, and I'm feeling very, very content.

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