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Monday, December 02, 2002

I'm ripping this off Spacefem, because on four hours sleep and two hours of traffic, her words just make SENSE.

Okay, so the born-again christian in my cubicle is doing an online training thing on the Family and Medical Leave Act and I overhear him say, "Ha! Serves you all right!" I ask him what's so amusing and he's like, "Oh, this act doesn't cover domestic partners." He smiles.


I don't want to get into that stuff at work, so after a quick little, "For the record, I don't agree with you on this issue." I turned around and got back to revising foreign cert kits. Today was Austria day (obviously I haven't gotten very far).

Then I got to thinking about assholes. People who really don't care, or make any attempt to understand, the hardships of others. People only lend a hand to those in need if those in need have already proven to be on the same moral, physical, or intellectual ground as they are.

People who are assholes.

People who drive well over the speed limit all the time are assholes. What do they think it's there for, oppression? I've known morons who drove 50mph in subdivisions where little kids play in the front yards. Rules don't apply to them, safety is less important than their image and good time in a car.

Fucking assholes.

People who make $40,000 a year and don't give a dime to charities are assholes. Dammit, what do you have to buy that's so important? Trips? Jewelry? A new car? There are people who can't eat, who have no place to live, who are taken from their families in violent countries with no one to hear about it, and you act like it would kill you to write a check for $50. There are people who make less than half what you do and they find a way to drop a few dollars in the offering plate at church, even when their kids are wearing clothes from the goodwill. What are you going to do with the $50, save it? *In case* something happens? Well something is happening. You're an asshole.

If there's a recycle bin next to a trash can and you put your aluminum pop can in the trash, you're definately an asshole.
If you go hunting a lot, just for fun, and never eat what you kill, just take joy in killing innocent animals... asshole.

There are all different kinds of assholes... male, female, christian, agnostic, black, white, american, non-american. I no longer judge groups of people and think, "There are a lot of assholes in that group." There are a lot of assholes in every group.

Now, there is a line, in my opinion, when you're just evil. Then you're not an asshole. Like, child molesters aren't assholes, they're evil and fucked up and deserve to die. I'm against the death penalty so I won't recommend that we actually kill them, but I will admit that they deserve to die. This summer I read about some losers who put a kitten on a grill for fun. They won't get the death penalty but they deserve it.

I'm not saying I'm perfect. I certainly don't run around spreading goodwill to my fellow man, I didn't become a social worker, I don't give as much money as I could to charities. But I've made it one of my goals to just be a good person.

Which is why I didn't throw my computer monitor at my co-worker today. It would have been fun, but people who waste expensive company resources over moronic statements like the one he made are just, well, assholes.

And that's not the kind of person I want to be.

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