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Tuesday, February 04, 2003

All play and no work...

It's Tuesday, I know. Most weekend ramblings generally take place on Mondays. But Monday was extremely busy for me - work and class and homework and gym and screenplay revising and more homework. Got up at 9 AM and kept going until 3 AM. Quel jour.

Quel weekend, really. But a great one, in the long run.

Friday: Slept in, did my laundry, read a bit, watched Sense and Sensibility until it was time to go see Biker Boyz with Alison. I'm not going to bother reviewing it - suffice it to say that it wasn't quite the cinematic tour de force we all were expecting. Brendan Fehr was great, though, and Derek Luke is so very pretty.

After the movie, went to a really cool club with Alison and Roomie - we were on the list, so it was cheap. The club's normally Asian-themed, and since Friday was Chinese New Year's Eve, they were giving away tons of stuff - including free passes for next Friday in red money envelopes. DJ Rap - a personal favorite - was doing a set, and so we danced, listened to music, danced some more. Alison and I left before we got too tired, and we went to a coffee shop and Alison got tea. And then I came home and watched Farscape and went to bed.

Saturday: Slept in, worked on revising my screenplay until I came up with a new, bad outline, and then tossed it all away in frustration and took a shower. Read about the Columbia. Cleaned the apartment - took out trash, boxes and recycling, vacuumed - and then ran a few errands before going to the Apple Pan and getting a lovely greasy dinner. Came home, hung out with Roomie. Worked on a new screenplay (used the line, "I am on urgent business from the king!" which embarrasses me to no end) and bitched about the old one and listened to After Hours radio on KROQ until it was time for sweet, sweet slumber.

Sunday: Didn't really sleep in. Got up, did some homework, and went through my CDs to see if there was anything I could live without. Turns out there was, and so I gathered up a stack of them and got ready to leave the house.

I went to the Getty first. Which was really, really something. Took a lot of pictures with the camera (will upload this weekend, when I have more time), saw Dorothea Lange photos and crazy, crazy video art. I'll go into more detail when I've had a chance to process it.

Then, Amoeba Records. Spent about $7 for eight used CDs, half of which had been sitting in my Amazon shopping cart. I still haven't come down from the joy of it.

And then home and Alias and homework and writing. And then Monday.

Still need to write about tons of stuff. I should be freer tonight.

But now, there's actually some work to do...

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