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Monday, March 17, 2003

Blogger just ate a thorough, interesting entry. Hence, this sad shell of an update.

Did, however, figure out what was screwing up the formatting on the poll. So that looks nice.

So allegedly this is the first day of my spring break.

I'm not feeling very spring-y.

It was a crazed weekend, mainly because I'm just not USED to having 16 hours of job-ness. The video store... Well, it's just like riding a biker (TM Faith), but there was a lot to absorb right away and I'm pretty exhausted. Plus, there's this whole lack of sleep thing going on, AND I had to do tons of squats in order to retrieve DVDs. So my thighs hurt like a mo-fo, and I'm very glad that there's a lot of sitting involved in this job.

Because, yes, I get to work six hours today and tomorrow at Web Job, on top of the weekend's labor at Video Job. It's mainly to cover for me taking the end of the week off and fleeing to the bay area, but I'm still pooped. Plus, tonight I'm supposed to be meeting with my game design partner so we can start work on our final project (first playtest is a week from tomorrow -- eeeee!) and there's also going to the gym and a ton of laundry and Miracles and some reading that should be done and some writing that MUST be done.

I need to come up with ideas for things. I need to brainstorm.

I need tea.

It's okay, though. Two more days of busy, and come Thursday I'll be lying on a raft in the pool, not thinking about the work awaiting me inside.

God, that'll be nice.

TV is wearing me down, I'm realizing, and I think some shows are gonna have to go. I like Miracles, and apparently Exciting Things are going to happen tonight -- but if they aren't really, REALLY cool I may have to give it up.

I'm not grateful, necessarily, that Farscape is ending. It makes me very sad, in fact. But it'll be a relief to have that hour back.

Other shows on the bubble: Alias, Ed, and god help me, West Wing. It's getting to be too hard for me to care about all these people all at once. And West Wing has lost its sparkle and Ed is moving to Fridays (god knows why) and Alias was never really a serious investment... I do enjoy watching these shows, but sometimes it feels like too much effort. And right now, as I start the first days of what will be two very stressful months, that's not really what I need.

The idea of only following Buffy, Angel and Six Feet Under (which is REALLY, REALLY good this season, and well worth checking out) is like a breath of fresh air. And how much TV do I really need to watch, anyways?

Besides, it takes away valuable drinking time. And we can't have that!

I don't actually have drinking time. That's more of a shout-out to Nicky. *g*

The haircut's working out pretty well. Today I combed in mousse to make an effort at straightening it, and it worked out all right. But I think I need pomade or something for the ends, and also? I need to gain some real styling ability. Anyone know of good hair-styling-advice websites? I fear magazines.

I'm going to go see if there's free food hiding around this building. When they hold conferences, I usually luck out.

And then, nose to the grindstone. Life carries on.

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