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Friday, March 14, 2003

What's really sad about this week of not-posting?

Not too much has happened.

Okay, some things have.

I've signed up to read for a screenplay competition -- shouldn't be too much work, as I'm a fast reader and the coverage they want doesn't include a plot summary (which, for anyone who's never covered screenplays, is not only the meat and potatoes of normal coverage, but is also the hardest thing on the planet to write coherently and concisely). I kinda miss reading, and I kinda miss the extra money it can bring in, so it should be a good experience.

I've somehow managed to watch The Daily Show every night this week. Usually I manage to forget or I'm busy, but somehow it fit into my schedule well.

If I'm ever standing on the ledge, about to jump, with no hope left in the world, all you need do is shout "Liz, what about Jon Stewart?" And I'll come down, no problems, because I love Jon Stewart so.

I mean, seriously. The man's called Ari Fleischer a douchebag AND he was in the best bits of Playing By Heart. How have we NOT knighted him?

I crush on strange men, sometimes.

I'm supposedly seeing Bend It Like Beckham today. Which'll be fun. I've been craving British girl power movies about Indian soccer players recently.

Bad segue to talking about screenwriting here...

I've officially stopped liking the new screenplay I was working on. I find it lame and dull and disingenuous and I've been forcing out pages, but it's like root canal surgery. I really think I'm on the wrong track with the idea. I need to stop and rethink and start all over again. Or possibly do something else. I just know that I don't CARE anymore, and that's reflected in the quality of writing I'm producing.

I mean, I know that if I'm serious about this industry, I'll find myself writing things that I don't automatically fall in love with. But then, at least, there will be the money to spur me on, and the sense that the work I'm doing has some real application (ie - it has more than a snowball's chance in hell of getting made). For an original spec? There has to be some level of caring.

Let's hope the manager guy agrees with me on this one. Or has some words of advice. That's his job, after all. Right?

In other news, this link from Jood is just unbelievable. Never before has the game of cricket seemed so compelling.

Other fun links
From Bookslut: A long-lost Charlotte Bronte novella. Can't wait to read it.

Calling all nerds: The Matrix website now has a Philosophy section. Sort of like this book (which Eric will remember as the book I had to be forcibly prevented from buying), except FREE!

And of course, there are comics and games and news and fun. I love the Matrix so. The sequel comes out the day before graduation -- it's a tough call as to which I care more about.

And with all this food for thought, I leave you to go get my hair cut. Goodbye, split ends! Farewell, awkward length!

(Please God, don't let it go badly. One bad haircut in middle school was enough.)

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