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Monday, May 12, 2003

So, right after Free Comic Book Day and Christmas, the most exciting time in a young Lizlet's life is upon us. That's right, it's UPFRONT WEEK!

Yes, behold the mayhem as six networks attempt to arrange their fall schedules into some sort of order. Be amazed by the painfully bad sitcom premises! Marvel at The Dramas That Will Not Die! Round and round your favorite shows go -- when they'll air, no one knows!

Tim Goodman's not dead, and I'm back to being the futon critic's bitch, and it's the best decision I've ever made. First up this week was NBC, and Ed and Boomtown are still kicking, despite graceful descents into occasional mediocrity. But don't worry -- NBC managed to ruin Coupling, a cute little British series that didn't do anything to anyone.

I mean, I like Rena Sofer, but COME ON: Susan (Emmy winner Rena Sofer, (“General Hospital,” NBC’s “Just Shoot Me,” “Ed”) is a beautiful and sexy go-getter with an uninhibited attitude who used to date Patrick (Colin Ferguson, “The Opposite of Sex”), the cocky, good-looking guy of the group. Sally (Sonya Walger, “The Mind of the Married Man”) is Susan’s attractive and unspeakably vain best friend and beauty therapist who is desperate for a man and now dates Patrick. Steve (Jay Harrington, “The Division”) wants to date Susan, but can’t seem to shake his clingy ex-girlfriend Jane (Lindsay Price, “Beverly Hills, 90210”) who is completely in love with Steve and refuses to be dumped by him. Jeff (Christopher Moynihan, “The Fighting Fitzgeralds”) is Steve’s “porn buddy,” who, unknown to his friends, is terrified of sex or the prospect of it. He works in the same office as Susan and had a forgettable fling with her.

It's nice to know that one can be beautiful without being sexy, and that being both beautiful AND sexy doesn't necessarily mean that you're a go-getter, too. But if you're all three -- well, then, ain't you lucky!

But really, it's ridiculous for me to pick on Coupling -- especially when Whoopi! is set to ruin so many careers at once. I can't even begin to comprehend how bad it's going to be. And I liked Sister Act!

Sitcoms suck. But Upfront Week is awesome! Tomorrow's the WB and ABC, and now that I know Angel's got a pick-up, I can relax and enjoy the mayhem.

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