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Tuesday, September 30, 2003

Prayer, charitable works, and printer supplies

Sorta a potpourri-kinda entry...

There are monks, now, who sell printer supplies online. They are called LaserMonks. And their prices are so good, they're blasphemous. Seriously, I may buy my cartridges from the good folk. The prices!

This week of not watching TV is going pretty well, especially since "not watching TV" means "watching Daily Show and maybe another show if I get stuff done beforehand and/or I'm TiVoing something else at the same time." Yesterday, I was desperate to stare at a screen, so I watched about half an hour of Roger Dodger -- but tonight, I've kept busy with a web design project and bills and budgeting and planning. It turns out that if everything goes as planned and I don't wrap my car around a tree or anything, I'll be making more money than I thought. Enough to save a decent portion. Which is good, because I need to save.

The writing... ::sigh:: The screenplay is stalled all to hell. I feel like throwing things away and making fresh starts. This is an instinct that I plan on enacting tomorrow night, after work and before West Wing (I'm giving it one more week -- but it's silly for me to continue to watch a show).

Just updated the sidebar -- Miss Match of Arcadia refers to my confusion as to what to do about Fridays at 8 PM. I saw both shows, like both shows -- but do I really want to have to be home at 8 PM on a Friday just so I can see both?

Not really, no.

And I'm reading no fiction these days. This makes me sad. This makes me want to go to the library. Where they have graphic novels now! I just paged through the catalog listing, and it's enough to make a girl squeal. 50% of it's stuff I love already, and there's that delightful 30% I haven't had a chance to read yet. But oh yes, I will...

I'll do a more thorough TV entry at some point. Because TV is interesting and all. But in the meantime, das roomie wants to watch Queer Eye. And I've been a very good girl.

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