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Sunday, October 26, 2003

Ah, Sunday

Well, what's new with me? I had a good time at a Halloween party last night, I'm in physical pain from my last training session, and tonight's festivities include some books, some dishes, baking the week's lunchtime potatoes, taking a bath, watching Alias, and GETTING SOME SLEEP.

My life is very exciting. I know.

I just looked at my comic book shelf and realized that my brother still has my copy of Watchmen. And he has not reported back on what he thinks.

He may not have liked it. Watchmen is a bit much to take.

Speaking of, the nerd boys are rioting over John Cusack being rumored to take the role of Nite Owl II in the upcoming adaptation. I try to give this stuff the benefit of the doubt, truly, but a) I still have nightmares about LXG and b) yeah, I'm cynical these days, and I'd lay good money on the fact that if you cast da Cusack as your leading man in an expensive superhero action movie, the second thing lost to the adaptation gods is the character's problems with impotence. Which, y'know, I LOVED in the source material.

(Almost as much as the pirate subplot. Which was, almost undoubtedly, the first thing lost.)

Next up: Minnie Driver as the Silk Spectre! Followed by Jeremy Piven as Rorschach.

(By the way, Alan Moore -- thanks. I've had to look Rorschach up twice today for spelling, and now I'll always know it.)

TV is good. Especially Carnivale, Joan of Arcadia, and... crap, what was that show... Okay. Just those two. And the OC comes back this week. And I'll never be able to watch it. But the dream lives.

Angel is trying my patience, and even though I know why they're doing a more stand-alone format and so on, I grow weary of the exposition. WEARY. Weary to the point of wanting to collect "some fucking heads" every time I'm reminded that Spike is a Very Special Ghost and the Angel Investigations staff made the monumentally stupid decision of taking on the running of an evil law firm when they're very aware there's a hidden agenda that will bite them in the ass come Sweeps.

But I'm not bitter.

Time for reading and dishes and other fun things. And then sleep. SLEEP.


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