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Thursday, October 02, 2003

Fall TV, Part the First

So a new fall season is upon us, and because I always end up watching too much of it, it makes sense to compile some thoughts on how it's shaping up. There are some land mines I threw myself on, knowing full well what I was getting myself into (what can I say? I was really sick last week) and some things I tried and ended up really liking.

In the long run, it's more fun to think about this stuff than, say, the gubernatorial campaign. MUCH more fun.

This entry is dedicated to my TiVo. Mama loves ya, baby. Mama loves ya.

In approximate order of airdate:

I've been watching this in two episode chunks with some friends, and it's always interesting, but never totally compelling. Not really a commitment show (hence its absense from the sidebar), but the Anthony Stewart Head episode was pretty bad-ass. Even though the ending made me whimper in pain.

Ever since I fell in love with Six Feet Under and discovered that I actually like Sex and the City, I've gotten into the habit of watching the HBO shows. And ever since I cut my teeth on Star Trek: DS9, I've gotten into the habit of giving shows produced by Ronald D. Moore a shot (only three more months until Battlestar Galactica!). So RDM doing an HBO show? My favorite acronyms combined! And the show's a strange confusing thing, but I like the mystery and the slow pace. The production value is awesome, the period details are rich and absorbing, and Michael J. Anderson, as stated previously, rocks my world. No idea where it's going -- but it's quite a ride.

I watched the premiere on Sunday. Didn't love it. The bored-monkey-on-crack approach to plot has always amused me, but I honestly don't think I have the energy to care. Might skim through next week's episode -- but when even the Vartan is boring, what's the point?

Two and a Half Men
Saw it once, don't really want to continue. Melanie Lynsky guest-stars, though, thus rating it an eh-and-a-half.

Mr. Jessica Alba, once upon a time, was so my imaginary boyfriend. So, half-delerious with fever, I suffered through a hideous Bush impersonator and The Lamest Secret Service Agent Ever for five minutes of mischevious twinkle. And, sated, I resolved never to turn the TV on at 8 PM on Tuesdays, ever again.

I'm With Her
Eh. Cute. Nothing I'd watch without Nyquil, though.

Okay, here's the thing. It's fine to resolve will-they-won't-they tension. I'm a big fan of taking that chance and exploring new territory. But you do have to keep it interesting afterwards. And last week's episode? Not so much. If last night's episode (which I'll probably watch Friday or so) doesn't pick up, that's one season pass I won't hesitate to cancel.

West Wing
Yeah, during the low points of Season 4, you know what I thought to myself? "This show needs ten more characters, crass crappy-ass dialogue, and storylines that resolve with no emotional resonance whatsoever. And if two of the show's main characters could go entire episodes wearing exactly one expression and saying no dialogue, that'd just be icing on the cake."

Jake 2.0
I wasn't as blown away by this as the recapper at TWoP. For what it was, it was good -- but in this timeslot? Not a chance, friend.

Keep your Friends, your CSI. You're giving me nothing, Thursdays! Nothing!

Oh, just great. Now that I'm on the cusp of actually having a life, you pull this on me? Thanks so much, CBS. You too, NBC. You too.

And now, back to work. But in Part 2, the Miss Match/Joan of Arcadia showdown (two shows enter! one show leaves! two shows enter! one show leaves!), the new season of Angel, the agony and the apathy of K Street, Karen Sisco, and quite possibly the complete abandonment of NBC's Wednesday lineup.

Stay tuned!

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