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Tuesday, October 07, 2003

Fall TV, Part the Second

So, since I've begun my new policy of one hour of TV per day, plus Daily Show, on weekdays, this means that Sunday is probably going to be eternally lost to the boob tube as I struggle to catch up with the week's TV. But I never really got anything done on Sundays before. And it is supposed to be a day of rest. So, now that I'm all caught up...

Yay to the return of Harmony. Yay to kick-ass, bad-ass fight scenes. But the changes in the series are as huge as predicted, and I suppose I'd like them more if I understood them. There's something I'm not instinctually grasping about the concept of the forces of good being put in charge of an evil law firm -- them agreeing to the decision just strikes me as wrong, and the choices they're being forced to make don't have much resonance with me as a result. It doesn't help that I know the reasons for the reboot were the results of desperation, not inspiration. And I'm glad that my buddies at Angel Investigations are still fighting evil (though if they did it in a different time slot, I'd be pleased as punch) -- I just wish they were still AT Angel Investigations.

I occasionally drive past the hotel they use for the exterior shots of the Hyperion. It's on Wilshire, in between La Brea and Western. And though it isn't going anywhere, I miss it all the same.

Miss Match
I want to write a longer entry about the ever-spreading virus that is ChickLit. But in the meantime, suffice it to say that this series is cute as a button, pretty in pink, a perfect fit for lonely Friday nights -- and disposible as Kleenex.

Joan of Arcadia
Meanwhile, this show manages to be a couple of hankies worth of entertainment. I like it. I want it to succeed. And watching the theology fly around makes me feel less shallow and depraved than watching Alicia Silverstone chirple. So Joan gets herself a TiVo Season Pass -- but I'll watch Miss Match live, when I'm feeling very shallow indeed.

(Both shows, it's worth noting, fit pretty well with my writing style, and I could write a decent spec script for either of them. Here's hoping at least one of them survives the year, providing me with a fun summer writing project.)

Karen Sisco
Carla Gugino is the pretty, and the show's just like her: stylish, sleek, and occasionally interesting. Maybe I'll TiVo this week's episode -- but I really wasn't blown away, and crime in general isn't enthralling me greatly these days. Not to mention the fact that "oh, she's a girl, but she's really quite tough, and it's not fair that she gets treated like a girl by her asshat bosses" got old halfway through Out of Sight, and I don't think it'll get any more interesting over the course of the series.

K Street
I watched the premiere, Soderbergh nut that I am, for a few minutes, digging the Crazy Cajun's antics-- and then Carol's ex-boyfriend on Ed showed up, and I was too weirded out for words. Documentaries about politics are awesome. Fictional shows about politics are awesome. But I don't know how or what to think about K Street, and until I do, no dice.

It also doesn't help that the show is so very boring, indeed. And I liked Full Frontal.

The big Elliot denoument in the premiere felt rushed, but it still kicked ass. Definitely the best show on Thursday nights, though something I watch only casually. Good catch, Maren. *g*

The new season of West Wing is still on my personal bubble. I may develop diabetes from Miss Match. And Ed's got one more episode to wow me. But that's a good overall POV of my wasted time.

Now, time to do something more interesting with the time I'm not wasting. New goal for the week -- write an entry of substance every day. Sars at Tomato Nation is right -- if you want people to read, you gotta have something for them to read.

So I'm going to work on that. Definitely tonight. 'Cause I got some writin' to do about politics.

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