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Wednesday, October 08, 2003

For those who don't check out the Blog of a Bookslut regularly, there's a chance for you to help me out with a project -- please, meme it out as much as you can. The more responses, the better.

The original Bookslut post:

I'm looking for volunteers for the First Annual Hollywood Madam Book-to-Film Experiment -- an opportunity for you to contribute to the grand and lofty pursuit of scientific fact and theory (not to mention next month's Hollywood Madame column).

Is the book always better than the movie? What if you see the movie first? That's the question this experiment will put to the test -- but only with your help!

It's all very simple:
-Email me at to volunteer. Mention in your email if you've previously read John Grisham's [snark] timeless classic [/snark] "The Runaway Jury".

-Receive a random assignment to one of two sample groups: Book-to-Movie or Movie-to-Book. (If you've already read the book, your assignment is less random -- you'll be placed in the BtM group -- but I'll try and make them as even as possible.)

-If you're part of the BtM group, take some time over the next two weeks to read or re-read"The Runaway Jury" (readily available at Amazon, your local library, or in huge stacks by the front door of your local used bookstore). Then go to see the movie starring John Cusack, opening on October 17th.

-If you're part of the MtB group, see "The Runaway Jury" at your earliest convenience. Then afterwards, enjoy the eloquent, urbane prose of Mr. Grisham.

-Report back with your thoughts regarding the translation, including a 1-10 ranking of both the movie and the book, by October 30th.

The results will be posted in the next Hollywood Madam column, along with cheesy Excel graphs, my analysis, and your comments. The more people who participate, the more accurate whatever results we get will be -- so spread the word wherever you can and help us out! You'll get the warm, satisfied glow that comes from contributing to science -- not to mention Bookslut. And contributing to Bookslut? Does wonders for the complexion.

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