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Friday, October 10, 2003

The Politics of Likability

Another entry on the To-Do list at which I have completely failed -- although I do have a few drafts started, I didn't write here yesterday. Did start the TeeVee thing, made good progress on Killer Angels, but the TV was on too early, and too much. I blame the Democrats.

The bits of the debate that I saw last night were interesting, but there seemed to be a lot of tearing down going on, and I'm just sick of that. But apparently I missed the part where Clark said he wouldn't attack a fellow Democrat -- they played it on NPR this morning, and it made me happy. I like Clark. I'll like him even more if he keeps his word.

But I also like John Edwards -- I like him a lot, actually. Any man who promises to declare his candidacy on the Daily Show -- and then actually keeps his word -- is just nifty. I wish his odds were better. Clark's positions and background appeal a lot to me, but Edwards I just like.

And I can still get behind Dean, who speaks plain and clear about what he thinks, and still seems like a strong choice. And Kucinich really does have the courage of his convictions, and while I don't know if he'd make a great President, I'd like to see him continue to have a voice. He might make a good VP, paired with a more centrist candidate. Or maybe he could just go right on Senator-ing.

In more shallow news, I didn't care much at all for this week's Angel. It doesn't help that I don't care all that much about Spike. Especially when he's misplaced his accent over his summer vacation.

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