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Monday, November 17, 2003

Reasons for me to participate in Shelley Jackson's SKIN PROJECT:
  • I've always kinda wanted a tattoo
  • It's a really cool idea
  • It's not like I have to get it on my forehead -- somewhere discreet will be fine
  • In all documentation, I'll be officially referred to as a "word"
  • I could stop feeling guilty for a few months about not donating blood
  • If I die before Shelley Jackson does, she'll come to my funeral -- and I worry about attendance volume at times.
  • Doing her connect-the-dots puzzle not only entertained me mightily one lazy summer afternoon, but continues to delight, amaze, and disturb visitors to my room from its vantage point on my bulletin board.
  • It means that I would become a part of a work of art, which would go a long way towards staving off that nihilistic crisis of mine
  • Really? It's kinda awesome.

Reasons against:

  • NEEDLES?!?!?
  • Seriously. NEEDLES?!?
  • Yeah, I liked Melancholy of Anatomy. But did I like it THAT much?
  • Okay. Let's say that ten years from now, I'm fulfilling my destiny as a boozehound layabout with loose morals. As I drag yet another one-night-stand back from the seedy bar to my seedier apartment, however, I'm forced to brace myself for the inevitable question: "Hey, why do you have AND tattooed on your ass?"
  • Because without a doubt, I will end up with the word AND. Or IS. Or THE.
  • Actually, wait. That's almost kinda cool.
  • But they'd have to use NEEDLES?!?

In the end, it all comes down to first impressions. And I thought this idea was just too awesome for words (gah, puns) when I first heard about it, but figured that she'd be overloaded with participants and there was no point in trying. So I didn't think about it.

Now? Now, I'm actually thinking about it. Because it really is kinda awesome.

Even if there are needles.

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