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Wednesday, November 05, 2003

Today (So Far)

Otherwise known as -- what were YOU doing at zero hour?

12:01 AM: Return home from scintillating comedy show. Plop in front of computer. Check Begum and email. Respond to Asa's post re: Sandman.

12:15: Go to bed.

12:20: Cannot sleep. Watch TiVoed Daily Show.

12:40: Still cannot sleep. Watch TiVoed Buffy episode.

1:30: Still cannot sleep. Read cheesy sci-fi novel.

1:45: Fall asleep with light on.

4:25: Wake up. Listen to roommate and roommate boyfriend get ready. Nag her about letting me sleep so late.

4:30: Roommate boyfriend makes coffee. Praise his name.

4:50: Shoo roommate and roommate boyfriend out the door.

4:52: Get into car. Begin to blast Matrix Reloaded soundtrack. Seat-boogie.

5:00: Kick roommate and bf out of car and into Mann Chinese line. Park car.

5:10: Walk to join roommate and bf in line. Pass front of theater. See big Matrix countdown clock.

5:11: Squeal.

5:14: Get in line. Appreciate warmth of winter coat, scarf, and hat.

5:20: Still in line. Warner Brothers lady passes with t-shirt. Slut self out for swag! More squealing. Roommate starts to ask if I've had too much coffee.

5:30: More coffee. More swag. More squealing.

5:35: Yet more swag. CD of the soundtrack! Movie poster! CD-ROM! And word comes down that the popcorn and soda is going to be free, too!

5:38: It's 30 degrees outside and I'm starting to feel warm. Offer neighboring people my scarf. Get odd looks in exchange.

5:50: Start to walk into theater. More squealing, especially when I see guy-who-plays-Seraph standing outside with the publicity crew. "Thank you for coming," I shout.

5:51: Roommate confiscates coffee mug. Luckily, have already emptied it.

5:55: Score best seats in the house. Go to bathroom. Skip down aisle at high velocity on my way back.

6:00: The lights go down...

And that's all I feel the need to mention right now. *g*

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