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Friday, December 12, 2003

all in all, was a pretty nice day

Not that I'm taking the 101 at any point today. But I still like the song.

So far, I got no complaints about today except this lousy caffeine withdrawl headache. I got to sleep in because I stayed late at work last night, got a few things done, then went to this lunchtime demo of Panther. Man, Panther is sweet. I wants it bad indeed.

At the demo, there was pizza -- and not just pizza, but Papa Johns, my favorite of all pizza. So I ate two slices and then as I walked back to the office, I got a few lines in mind for a short story, which I then typed up and emailed to myself. And then I started working on more things. And it's been a lefty-loosey kinda day like that.

I'm hoping it continues as such. After work, I'm going to the gym, and then home to shower before attending a friend's ice skating birthday party. I haven't seen this particular crowd of folks in quite some time, and inexplicably I'm nervous about it. But when I get home, I have girly superhero comic books to read. So no matter what happens, the day won't be entirely ruined.

I need to figure out my weekend. There are many things happening, but I have no idea when or where I'm doing them. Plus, there's my to-do list:

  • Get a Bookslut review done
  • Keep up with other writing
  • Decorate apartment for Christmas
  • Finish Super-Secret Christmas Project
  • Get some shopping done
  • Go to the gym on Sunday
  • Grocery shopping
  • Email everyone connected with the Bookslut Book-to-Film project
  • Write about books for this blog
  • Write an open letter to my nightstand
  • Get some sleep
  • Watch tape of Angels in America to make sure I have it all

Should be a fun weekend. Plenty of media, plenty of friends, plenty of things to do. Even if I don't get to them all.

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