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Tuesday, January 27, 2004

The Good, The Bad, and the Whuh?

Totally watched the nominees get announced this morning! It was totally awesome! Most awesome part -- not having to get out of bed, and going right back to sleep afterwards. There's really nothing like waking up to Signorney Weaver (looking way too good for 5:30 AM, by the way).

Reasons to be happy:

  • Cold Mountain getting the shaft, especially in the Best Adapted Screenplay category (I'd been dreading that).
  • Interesting screenplay noms overall.
  • Halle Berry really did end racism, at least in the Best Supporting Actor category. Latino, African, Japanese... Has there ever been a more diverse set of nominees?
  • On the feminist side: Four women nominated for screenwriting (six if you count Jim Sheridan's daughters, which I think we can) and one nominated for Best Director. That's like a million times better than last year.
  • It is fitting that The Year Nicole Kidman Sucked is capped by her not being nominated for a thing. I am pleased by this.

Reasons to be sad:

  • The most boring Best Song nominations in my lifetime (only bright light -- A Mighty Wind!)
  • Finding Nemo will have to content itself with Best Animated Feature. I knew my dreams of it getting nominated for Best Picture were fallacy.
  • "There are only two white guys in this category!" = diversity
  • Sean Astin rocked the mike right. He deserved a nod.
  • Love Actually was a better screenplay than it was a movie. I woulda liked to see it get a nod.


  • I like Johnny Depp a whole awful lot. I'm quite happy for him. But Academy Award Nominee Pirates of the Carribean? If you'd heard that a year ago, would you have believed it?

Overall, I'm a lot happier than expected. And now I have to see In America, Mystic River, Master and Commander... There are worse fates.

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