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Thursday, January 15, 2004

Lazy days

Damn, but this week of work's been quiet. We were totally expecting crazy, what with it being the first week of class and me being a person who helps put classes online - and instead it's been quiet quiet quiet, with almost everyone in the office concerned with a presentation I have nothing to do with. I've spent most of my time playing around with different ideas for redesigning our primary template. I'm up to six right now. I may have seven by the end of the day.

Because I've been forgetting to jot it down - last weekend was crazy good. Started off with Friday night, when I went to the gym, then showered and filled with delightful post-gym warmth, went to a friend's for Poker Night. Turns out that Texas Hold 'Em is my kind of game.

Saturday, I slept in before going to a cafe and getting some work done on the screenplay. Then I walked to the comic book store and sat in the aisle and sampled the trades. And by sampled the trades, I mean "sat on the floor and read them." Arrived back at the apartment in time to shower for that night's activity -- a monster truck rally.

Yeah, you heard me right.

Monster Jam, at the Edison Field, proved to be a great time, as I am a fan of a) loud bad stadium rock, b) things that go fast, c) male posturing, and d) stuff getting destroyed. All of these things were there in spades. It wasn't the classiest thing I've ever done (if only because when I go to the theater, people don't usually pee in the parking lot afterwards). But it was certainly fun.

Sunday was a bit lazier - slept in, loafed around the apartment before going to a discussion group meeting to talk about the Democratic primary. Turns out, I know a helluva lot more than I thought I did about all of the candidates -- turns out if you spend six straight months listening to NPR and watching the Daily Show, you end up with a pretty solid understanding of policy and position. Plus, you know, the funny.

After the meeting, I went to Barnes and Noble to cash in a gift certificate -- ended up spending a lot more money than planned on books about design (plus a nerdy book about math that was on sale). Books about design, it turns out, cost a lot more money than books I'm used to buying. But given what I spend eight hours a day doing, it makes sense to gain a stronger foundation in the fundamentals. Apparently, there are things to know about color. I should know them.

Went to the gym after that, and after that I picked up some basics from the grocery and went home. Did some more writing, ate couscous and green beans for dinner, watched Sex and the City, Curb Your Enthusiasm, and Alias. Got some sleep.

In short -- a near perfect weekend. May they all be half as good.

Going to Arizona has moved from being surreal to being anticipated, highly. So many fun things to watch! So many fun things to do! So much NickyTime!

My, but that was girly.

I'll try to be more careful on that front.

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