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Wednesday, January 07, 2004

Midseason Roundup

What I was watching this fall:

  • The Daily Show
  • West Wing
  • Angel
  • Ed
  • Alias
  • Scrubs
  • Miss Match
  • Joan of Arcadia
  • Queer Eye for the Straight Guy
  • The O.C.

What I intend to keep for spring:

  • Daily Show
  • Angel
  • Alias
  • Scrubs
  • Joan of Arcadia
  • Queer Eye
  • The O.C.

What I'm dropping:

  • West Wing - I'll keep up with the TWoP recaps, in case there appears to be any reason for me to start watching again, but otherwise I'll wait for summer
  • Ed & Miss Match - I've been watching Ed since it premiered, and liking it as a rule. But NBC did a thing. NBC moved it to Fridays at 8:59 PM. Not 9 PM. 8:59PM. Whether or not this is intentional on the part of NBC (which has previously demonstrated that it knows how to work the TiVo market), it still means that Mr. TiVo refuses to record both Ed and Joan, and I decided a long time ago not to spend Friday night worrying about TV. So. Au revoir, Ed. Maybe we'll meet this summer. Maybe not. And when Miss Match returns to its time slot, I don't know if I'll have the strength to keep up with it. Though I do love me some Nathan Fillion.

What I may add:

  • Sex and the City(I like things with endings)
  • And, in my dream of dreams, Wonderfalls will finally get itself on the air. I saw the first ten minutes at Comic-Con, and those ten minutes were 800 times more delightful than the full hour of Tru Calling I sat through. It's similar on paper to Joan of Arcadia, but tonally it's completely different. And a ton of fun. Man, do I want this show to air.

Actual hours of TV commitment: 8 (accounting for Daily Show's daily-ness). Amount watched regularly during the week: 2.

And thus concludes this entry.

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