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Monday, February 02, 2004

In which vengeful gods are appeased, and I dye my hair

So Friday, if you didn't notice, wasn't going so well. I'd stayed up way too late the night before, overslept, didn't shower, and overall was a big ol' cranky-pants. Plus, the work just wasn't happening -- the best part was when an hour and a half of edits were lost at 4:55 PM, and my boss just said "Screw it and go home."

So I was going to, and had plans for a major sulkfest all lined up. But in the car, I said to myself, "Self, you are dirty and need a shower. If you go to the gym before you go home, then you can take a nice relaxing shower and feel clean and warm and good."

I didn't pay attention, of course. You can't trust the voices in your head, after all. But just when I was going to take the exit that would lead to home, some unknown force compelled me to stay on the freeway one extra exit - the exit that would take me to the gym.

And once that decision was made, the rest of the night... Just went perfectly. I got a great parking space in front of the building, burned through my sit-ups, and even scored my favorite cardio machine. As I pseudo-skied, I realized, hey, dying my hair always makes me feel good. So afterwards, I walked to the drugstore. And my favorite hair dye brand in my favorite shade of red? Was half off.

Thus, a lesson was learned -- sacrifice sweat to the gods, and they will reward you.

The rest of the weekend was pretty great, too. I got my laundry done at last, saw Triplets of Belleville and Master and Commander (both of which I really liked, especially as great examples of visual storytelling), ate sushi, drank a vanilla chai latte, and watched the Super Bowl with sports nerds who explained obscure rules like "leaping." And the last half of the game was actually interesting! How often does that happen during the Super Bowl?

I even watched Survivor: All Stars. And it turns out I really, really, really missed Big Gay Naked Richard. Occasionally, I will cave and admit to some reality TV snootiness, but I think I'm going to give this a shot. If only for Big Gay Naked Richard.

Richard Hatch is naked. Survivor All-Stars has officially begun!

I'm such a sucker.

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