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Thursday, March 04, 2004

  • England in 24 days! Huzzah!

  • I got two pieces of email on my return from the cafe. Both of them had "birthday" in the subject. Both of them were good news.

  • Specifically -- I'm going to Coachella, and I get to see MOVIES on Saturday!

  • MOVIES! Any idea how long it's been since I've seen MOVIES? In a theater?

  • Answer: ages.

  • As I attempted to procrastinate writing earlier this evening, I taught myself how to do iframes. It was fun. I may do more experimentation later. I like this design, but we can always do better.

  • Paid for my tea tonight with silver dollars. It was almost like being in England. (I love pound coins, solid and heavy. I love putting two on a bar and getting a half pint of cider. So good.)

  • I wrote nine pages in an hour and a half. Nine key pages. I am now a hop, skip, and twenty pages away from finishing this fucking screenplay. That's nine months of off-and-on work, peeps, but my joy is compromised by the knowledge that this'll be followed by what'll probably be a year of off-and-on revising. Because lord help me, it needs it.

  • A happy note to close this off and send me towards bed - on Tuesday, I was putting my groceries in my car when an SUV pulled into the empty space next to me. It lingered for a few minutes, engine still running, and when I looked inside I saw the driver in silhouette, a cell phone clearly held to his ear, and his bored five-year-old daughter sitting in the backseat, waving at me.

    I waved back, then impulsively stuck my tongue out at her. She grinned and retaliated, and soon the conflict escalated to curling and twisting and eye-crossing. It's cool to meet someone with a tongue as limber as mine.

    I was still sticking my tongue out at her as I drove away, while she laughed and curled hers into knots.

    Her father talked on, ignoring us both.

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