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Thursday, March 18, 2004

One of my all-time favorite Red Hot Chili Peppers songs is playing. I don't know the name, but it's all dreamy and sunset-y -- perfect for driving the PCH on a lazy afternoon. RHCP may be the most California band in the entire world. They might trump The Beach Boys. That's how bleached they are.

Bleached being metaphorical, of course.

Hey, so if you watch ER, and in a couple of months you watch somebody graduating from a school with blue and yellow banners, and the ceremony is being held in front of a pale pink brick building -- guess what? That's the same building wherein I've discussed international cinema, argued about Virginia Woolf's personal life, and stared at my superhero screenplay, realizing that it was ready to send to the guy who would become my first manager.

It's always odd, when projects shoot on campus, for I've done so much growing up here. It's strange to see your second home in the movies.

Been quiet recently, I know. Mostly working on the screenplays, reading, or knitting Scarf The Third (which I completely restarted last night, but hopefully for the better). Going to see Eternal Sunshine tomorrow, which'll be nice, and I'll pull one of my regular cafe-writing-and-comic-store-perusing sessions on Saturday. There are things I want to sit on the floor and read. I'm excited for them. There are also things that I want to buy. But that's less likely to happen.

The only negative to come out of this trip to England so far is that I'm going to be missing two fairly nerdy events -- the release of 1602 #8 (the final issue of the series) and the premiere of Hellboy. The latter is a bit more vexing, as I know it'll be a bitch to find someone to go see it with once I return (unless Eric wants to be my movie buddy), but the last time I was in England, I missed the premiere of X-Men. And that went all right, in the end.

Reading, writing, seeing friends, geeking out. Pretty much life as I know it.

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