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Tuesday, March 02, 2004

Sidebar updates

Just a few things:

  • I finished The Killer Angels this weekend, so it's off my reading list at long last. Didn't suck, either. A hard read, but ultimately engrossing. Just a bit more work than I expected. Joss Whedon referenced it as an inspiration for Firefly, and the humanity of it supports that theory.

  • In its place, added Toni Morrison's Jazz. I liked the first chapter all right, though it hasn't grabbed me yet. I think it's because I was reading it because of the jazz element, and yet there was no jazz, just older men obsessed with younger woman. And I am SICK of that storyline. Still, the writing is good. I'll keep going.

  • I listened to an old Craig Armstrong CD last night, for the second time in two days. I forgot how very very good Craig Armstrong is, and wish for that to never happen ever again. Hence, I have added him to Listening.

  • Have been forgetting to update about Birds of Prey, a DC comic that I've gotten addicted to. Strong female superheroes with issues and vulnerabilities and fishnets. It's pretty goddamn badass, not to mention brilliantly written. Love it.

  • I may update Watching in a week or two, especially if Wonderfalls lives up to its promise and my weariness with Joan of Arcadia continues. It's great drama, yes, but there's only so much hugging and crying I can take. Plus, I feel like it's fallen off the horse a bit, gotten away from its concept. The family drama is good, sure, but God's hanging around, giving orders, and that used to be a much bigger deal than it is currently.

This is not a day for mondo updates. Perhaps tomorrow. Tonight, though, there is gym and grocery store and writing and kareoke. Good times.

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