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Monday, May 24, 2004

Life update

This weekend, I did a lot of knitting, made a big spinach lasagna, and mopped the kitchen floor.

I also drank Too Much Tequila and danced inappropriately at a club until the room started to spin.

There should be balance, in all things.

Attention all Gargoyles fans -- ABC Family has started running episodes at 11 and 11:30 Saturday and Sunday mornings (with the exception of next weekend, I think, due to Digimon Weekend or whatever).

Gargoyles and DS9. It's 1995, all over again.

Yesterday's to-do list was pretty disasterous, especially since no writing was done. Part of it was simple laziness; part of it was the fact that I'm undermotivated/overwhelmed by the coverage work remaining and the outlining stage in which the po-mo rom-com is mired. That's part of why I'm really enjoying my increasing abilities as a knit-bitch; there's a lot of simplicity to be found in yarn and needles and the easy to accomplish goals. It's all just one row after the next. No worries about act breaks and character motivations and conflict. Easy. Numbing and easy.

But knitting isn't what I want to do with my life. Knitting is just a part of it. A small part. It's what I do while I watch TV -- and I want to watch less TV and WRITE more TV. I want to write. I need to write.

I don't need to knit.

Tonight I'm gonna trip back to the way I spent a lot of my pre-England weekday nights -- home, dinner, coffee shop for a few hours of writing, home again to knit and watch a movie before bed. The writing tonight will be all Bookslut and coverage, but the movie will probably be one of the two bad romcoms I Netflixed for inspiration. For, after five months of work on this screenplay, I definitely need to remember why I'm writing it.

Thus is the way of things.

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