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Friday, May 21, 2004


Seriously. There's no time. No time to do all of the things I want to do, all of the things I need to do, and all of the things in between.

My nightstand is a nightmare -- in fact, the to-be-read pile has overflowed into a new pile next to the nightstand, where the magazines and graphic novels and books all hang out and sing sad songs about how they're not being read.

I've developed a new habit of using the iCal to-do list to jot down story ideas and writing projects I want to tackle. I prioritize them as best I can. But there are SO MANY ideas, so many different things to explore...

My eBay yarn arrived the other day. And I can't wait to play with it...

And I have friends who ask me to do fun things, like go out drinking and go out dancing. I like dancing. I like drinking. I like my friends.

And I like being skinny! I've lost two pounds over the past week, due to actually going to the gym regularly and not eating like a pig all the time. I'd like to lose two more, if possible -- but it requires more gym time and grocery shopping and heck, maybe even some sleep?

Sleep. Yeah. I remember that.

Hey, and screenplay coverage! Which earns me money!

Then there's the Netflix queue. And Star Trek: Deep Space Nine reruns. Learning how to play video games with Eric. Researching Aztec culture. Mopping the kitchen floor.

And the WRITING. Oh, the writing, the whooshing sound of deadlines. Need to start doing some research...

And this blog, and the upfronts, and the job that actually has kept me hopping the past few days. There's just so much happening. And I feel so alive, so active, so content... I just wish there was more time for all of it. For all of these things that I want and need. But I'll probably be whining about that until the end of all things. It's the way I like living.

Though... summer is finally getting started.

Which means that maybe it's time for a few changes.

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