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Tuesday, May 25, 2004

So it's worth noting that this month marks the two-year anniversary of GFB. Crazy, huh? So many different looks, so many different entries... But it's been here, everpresent in my life, for so long. Thick and thin.

I've been rereading past months recently, on occasion, whenever I feel like looking back towards times when my life seemed to be going so much better -- or so much worse. And in truth, I'm just grateful for the record. I never journaled much in high school, and I feel like I've lost something from those years as a result. College is different. College I remember because I've been putting it down (in Livejournal first and then here). And sharing these experiences with the big scary internet has just made me want to write even more, capture more of the moments I find myself lost in.

I've been trying to figure out a way to commemorate the past two years, as it's a landmark and landmarks are worth noting. But all I've come up with is one idea, which is to ask those who've come by if there's an entry they ever particularly liked. And it's the only idea I don't particularly hate.

So browse the archives, if you like, and in the comments for this entry nominate your fav GFB rambling for a Ultimate Top Five list. What's in it for you? Perhaps, if you nominate the winning rambling, there could be a prize of some sort. Everyone likes prizes, right?

Feel free to participate even if you've only lurked previously. (It'd be cool to find out who's lurking, at any rate.) I have to admit, I feel a little bashful over this idea. But is it egotistical to ask people to say what of your writing they've enjoyed the most?

Yeah, probably.

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