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Monday, May 10, 2004

Weekend update

What I did:

  • Sang kareoke on Friday night
  • Got my hair cut (about a month overdue).
  • Got all gussied up
  • Attended Prom In Space
  • Had fun at Prom In Space.
    • Had a better time at Prom In Space than I did at my actual prom.
  • Went to the gym twice.
  • Called my mom and wished her a happy mom's day.
  • Saw Das Roomie -- and even spent time talking to her!
  • Failed to complete any real work except for reading a sizable chunk of Poppy Z. Brite's Liquor (it's not goin' on the sidebar, because it needs to be finished SOON) and covering one screenplay (leaving me two more to do tonight).
  • Bought 70 oz of yarn on eBay for $18.
  • Finished a nifty little knit practice square, using knit/purl alternating to make a fun lumpy heart pattern.
  • Attended a BBQ and a friend's concert, both of which were great fun.
  • Deleted undone items from my to-do list
  • Added new items to replace them.

What I saw:

  • Van Helsing. Blanket statement: "Man, I sure liked [insert element here] a lot better in the original version." This includes Tarzan rope-swinging, Blade II's light bomb, the LOTR/Indiana Jones map, Q as portrayed by David Wenham, and, well, the first ten minutes.
  • Game 2 of the Kings/Timberwolves series -- the first game of the playoffs I've been able to see all of. Sadly, my love for a sports team truly is a curse upon their abilities to win. I'm watching Game 3 tonight while finishing up my coverage -- hopefully, my boys will be able to triumph over the jinx that is me.
  • Batman: Mystery of the Batwoman. Not a lot of mystery to it. But Batman fans should check out the DVD, because it contains a five-minute short entitled "Chase Me." And "Chase Me"? Is AWESOME.
  • The Survivor: All-Star finale, the outcome of which brought me real happiness.
    • But also watched part of the reunion segment.
    • Lost interest in ever watching reality TV ever again.
    • What whiny bitches.

What I drank:

  • Ice chips at kareoke (I get superthirsty when I sing
  • A Java Chip Frappuccino (I had a Starbucks coupon saved up)
  • So much diet Coke at the BBQ and the movie
  • So much "punch" at Prom.

What I didn't do this weekend:

  • Sleep.

Seriously. Maybe got twelve hours the whole weekend -- insomnia combined with busyness combined with noisy neighbors combined with distractions -- which means I haven't slept more than six hours at a time for a week now. I'm taking the week off from booze and soda as a result -- I may also start hitting myself over the head with blunt objects. Perhaps that'll help.

I'm also attempting a half-assed sort of diet. It consists of "not eating crap at all hours, and instead making a bit of an effort to eat food that's actually good for me." I'm getting back into my gym rhythm, too. If I lose another 1.5 pounds, see, I'm allowed to buy a gym-appropriate swimsuit. And then, rather than working myself into a blistering heat on the cardio machine, I can do laps in the gym pool. POOL.

It's all about rewards, see. I'm a carrot girl, through and through. Not because the stick doesn't work -- but when I earn that carrot, it tastes so damn good.

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