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Monday, June 21, 2004

Well, this would be Day 6 of my employment at UHS, and so far the show hasn't been canceled and the studio hasn't burned down. I haven't even been fired! Life is pretty sweet.

Went home for the weekend (my first time flying back and forth, and surprisingly smooth -- Burbank to San Jose isn't glamorous, but the economy lots are priced Just Right). Great to see the family, including a young man who is one-fourth done with that whole college thing (congrats, Eric!). Oddly, the weekend was Chock Full o' Baseball -- on Saturday, we went to the Giants/Red Sox game, where I experienced the new sensation of cheering for a team that managed to win; however, I'm sure that the bad karma my support brings will hit them sometime during the playoffs. And on Sunday, there was Eight Men Out in the morning, Field of Dreams in the evening, and the second Giants/Sox game in between.

So. Baseball. I have a lot of fondness for the sport, even though I prefer the pace and grace of basketball. It's a game for warm blue skies and sunshine. And I've been craving these things, recently, especially on the weekends. So I'll go for walks. I'll sit outside a cafe with a drink. I'll check out a street fair. I'll hang out in Griffith Park.

Yesterday I got a little sunburned -- just enough to make my skin tingle. It's been a really long time since I got burned. And while I'll be more careful with the SPF 30 in future, I find that I don't mind the sensation so much. It makes my skin feel warm. Makes me feel like the sun's still shining on it.

Grey and cloudy today, and they still haven't fixed the thermostat. It's cold, inside and out.

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