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Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Wow, it's an actual AIM conversation! It's like I have a new job that has hours of downtime!

I know that normally these are lame and boring. This one, however...

ME: Hee. From the Run Lola Run trivia section at IMDb: After doing one take of the scene in the casino where Lola cashes in her chips and the camera pans up to the clock on the back wall, director Tom Tykwer decided there was too much wall. He told his art director to paint a picture on the wall. Of what? said the art director. Of Kim Novak said Tykwer. I don't know what Kim Novak looks like, replied the art director. Then paint the back of her head, Tykwer told him and proceeded to shoot all the other casino shots while the art director painted. Tykwer says you can see how fresh the paint is because it's so shiny.

ASA: That's awesome

ME: that's the best solution to a problem I've ever heard of

ASA: Everytime I have a problem I'm going to paint Kim Novack

ME: but what if you don't know what Kim Novak looks like?

ASA: Then I'll paint the back of her head

ASA: if I have problems in the near future I'll probably start off with that

ASA: unless I have time to dig up reference photos on the internet

ASA: but eventually i figure I'll become familiar enough with her face and body that I'll be able to paint her fairly well from memory

ASA: so if I get lost in the woods or soemthing i can do cave paintings of Kim Novack

ME: they'll be found, thousands of years later.

ME: "who is this blonde goddess, and why did the back of her head tantalize this artist so?"

ME: civilizations crumble. Novak prevails

ASA: Historians will call it my Novack period

ME: "Clearly, what Asa was trying to illustrate here was the dominion of Hitchcock-esque ice queens is eternal -- note the use of the cave medium, which he calls upon to depict the everlasting nature of rock and Novak -- the back of her head shining, the tilt of her neck just so."

ASA: OK, now I really want to do a painting of a cave painting of Kim Novack

ASA: Or maybe a Diorama

ME: a diorama!

ME: like in a shoebox?

ME: with dinosaurs, and little construction paper trees?

ASA: yes

ME: fantastic

It's a slow day at the office.

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