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Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Lessons learned this weekend

Number 1: I am addicted to caffeine.

I meant to be productive. Truly. That was the plan. Sit in my pajamas until 3 PM, write coverage, and watch the Olympics. But around 1, I had fallen totally under the spell of my blinking cursor, and by 2 my eyelids were heavy, my senses dulled, as I slowly slowly slowly TiVoed through women's volleyball, unable to care.

It wasn't until around 4:30 that I realized I had a problem. After a shower and some tea, we were back in business.

Slowly, though. And with the weight of a wasted day on my shoulders.

Number 2: Bigger is better

"Should we get the $17 bottle of Captain Morgan?"

"Alien vs. Predator is only ninety minutes long."

"So the $10 bottle?"

"It'll fit better in my purse."


Sadly, we were all sobering up pretty well before the big exciting climax. Though definitions of sober vary. I wasn't giggling in an insane fashion at that point. More's the pity.

Number 3: Food is awesome

On Sunday, I demonstrated my comprehension of Lesson #1, and went to a cafe to drink coffee and write the coverage I didn't write on Saturday. And it was going well, I was on my first refill and making real progress...

And then I fell into a funk.

A deep funk.

A depressive funk.

A long dark tunnel with no end in sight.

I called a friend, to whine and complain about said funk, and found myself realizing, mid-sentence: "Huh. Coffee isn't food. I should eat food. Perhaps breakfast. Or lunch."

So at 3 PM, I ate a peanut butter cookie.

Life started looking up.

23 years old. I've still got a lot more to learn.

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