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Monday, August 09, 2004

Link round-up

Bookslut is up, including my column on Bonfire of the Vanities and my Twelve Hours of Comic-Con. There are some great columns and interviews this month, as well.

Zach Braff? So my boyfriend.

As is The Incredible Hulk.

If you're one of the dozens of people who have been searching for Amanda Abizaid's theme song for The 4400, download it here. But, y'know, be kind. Don't overdo it. Stealing music is wrong, you know.

Fay Wray's dead. Which is sad, sure, but if I could just drift off at the age of 96, I'd be pretty happy about that. Especially since I'd probably live long enough to see the goddamn flying cars my generation was promised.

Rumsfeld Fighting Technique will destroy you.

I'm not sure if is really as nonpartisan as it claims to be (not that I really mind) but I more than support the concept.

Never heard of The Huntington Library, Art Collections, and Botanical Gardens before today, but I'll be goddamned if I'm not going this Saturday (I'll probably be in the area for a BBQ, anyways, so it all comes together).

And in honor of the newest Superman developments (apparently there's an open casting call going on -- yes YOU could be the new Superman!), I post a paraphrased quote from An Evening with Kevin Smith, the link leading you to more stories from Kevin Smith's brief association with the project, and by extention, Jon Peters:
[Peters says] "I got some directives for you if you're gonna move forward, some things I want you to do and don't do in the script. Three things, ok? One, I don't want to see [Superman] in that suit. Two, I don't want to see him fly. And three, he's got to fight a giant spider in the third act." I said, "The giant spider intrigues me. Why that?" And he's like, "Do you know anything about spiders? They're the fiercest killers in the insect kingdom." And I was like, "What does that have to do with our non-flying Superman?" And he said, "There's gonna be a scene that I want. When I saw KING KONG as a kid, there's a scene where the doors open up and King Kong's revealed and it's a real big moment; I want that moment in this movie. I want some doors to open up and a big f**kin' spider's there." So I went back to Warner Brothers and they said, "We heard from him, he likes you, we're gonna hire you and move forward... Did he bring up the spider?" I said, "He did! He brought up the spider! Did he tell you guys about it?" They're like, "Every day with the f**kin' spider." I said, "What should I do?" They're like, "Do it, but try not to call it a spider. Can you call it something else?" And I was just like, "Thanagarian Snare Beast?" and they're like, "Go."

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