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Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Mr. Bear Goes To the Polls

In times of crisis and concern, we all turn to symbols constant and reaffirming in an effort to distract ourselves. Yesterday, I got so nervous, so full of jittery jangle, over this whole election thing that I decided I needed some help to get through today. As I'm sadly out of crack cocaine, I turned to a much more reliable source of comfort.

This is Mr. Bear, who I believe just turned legal this year (unless Mom and Dad recall differently). He likes The Simpsons, sunny afternoons in the park, and being drooled on. Although currently involved in a long-term relationship with Sydney the Elephant (they've been living together for the past ten years), he will admit to having a major crush on Rocky the Raccoon.

Mr. Bear will be helping me out today.

In fact, we got an early start this morning.

Before we leave for the polls, Mr. Bear goes over the sample ballot we printed out last night with all my proposition decisions on it. Make sure we wrote down yes on 60A, Mr. Bear!

Ths year, we had a long walk to the polling place. So Mr. Bear hitched a ride in my bag.

Mr. Bear takes a moment to rest after our walk to City Hall.

Mr. Bear checks out one of my neighbors as we wait in a hella long line. Mr. Bear loves the ladies -- almost as much as he loves electoral college reform!

We decided that between us we had enough experience with the InkaVote Voting System, so we skipped right to the fun stuff. Here's Mr. Bear, committing voter fraud!

The result of our hard work.

West Hollywood is very supportive of alternative species. Mr. Bear is pleased to report a minimum of voter discrimination.

Coming up later today -- Mr. Bear watches the results! Mr. Bear waits for the recount!

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